Steve’s Automatic Driving School will hold personal data which you have personally supplied for insurance, administrative and HMRC purposes in connection with the core business of driver training.

Data Collected

The driving school will collect the following data:

Your full name,

Your date of birth,

Your full address including postcode,

Your driving licence number,

Your email address,

Your contact telephone number,

Your driver training record,

Payments and payment method (but not card or bank account numbers), and

Driving test information.

How your data is stored

Steve’s Automatic Driving School is registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a Data Collector and Data Controller. The data is stored securely on paper records at Steve’s Automatic Driving School and electronically within ‘Total Drive’ software.  ‘Total Drive’ are responsible on the driving school’s behalf for the security of the data which has been collected and entrusted to them. You may, through the Total Drive app, view your personal data and amend it accordingly.


You may view their privacy policy at their website:

Your rights

Steve’s Automatic Driving School will not share your personal data with 3rd parties for marketing purposes, but it may be shared with lawful authorities for legal purposes (e.g. the Police or local authority), or with insurance companies in connection with any claim arising from your use of the tuition vehicle. It is your right to ask to see your data or to request a copy or to request that it is amended if it is incorrect. The data can be shown to you at any time during one of your driving lessons.  If you are a previous pupil you can send an email to me to request the information and it will be provided to you.


Data that cannot be deleted

Please note that for legal reasons some data cannot be deleted.  Your name and payment history cannot be deleted as it is required for HMRC purposes. However, all other data that has been collected can be completely and permanently deleted.

Sending a message through the website

When you contact Steve’s Automatic Driving School via the website or directly by e-mail or text message, you provide your name, phone number and email address, this data is used solely for contact purposes and is not stored or used for any other purpose but may be retained if you have requested to join the waiting list.

Completion of driving tuition

When you have passed your driving test and no longer wish to continue with post-test tuition or if you wish to terminate your driving lessons with Steve’s Automatic Driving School then with the exception of the data that cannot be deleted (as detailed above) then the data that has been collected will be deleted.

CCTV recordings

The tuition vehicle is fitted with a front and rear camera which records what is happening outside of the vehicle, it does not record any sound and it does not record anything inside of the vehicle. This may be used as evidence in case of any incidents or can be reviewed within the vehicle for tuition purposes. The recordings are not shared on any social media or other public or private platforms. However, the recordings may be disclosed to lawful authorities in connection with law enforcement or other legal purposes.

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